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High Voltage DC Pulse Capacitor

High Voltage DC Pulse Capacitor
High Voltage DC Pulse Capacitor
Product Code : 05
Product Description

Application & Standard

1) Widely used in Impulse voltage generator, impulse current generator, impulse voltage divider and the other non-continuous pulse device, Oscillation circuit, continuous impulse device; DC High Voltage device and rectifying filtering device.
2) Applicable Standard: IEC related standards.

Product Characteristic

1)Cylindrical component.
2)Adopting high-quality double-sided coarsening polypropylene film and benzyl toluene as dielectric; special aluminum foil as the electrode.
3)Adopting frosted cylindrical aluminum oxide shell.
4)Adopting non-inductive winding, machine encapsulation, one-time shaping.
5)Using PBT polymer insulator having characteristic of high temperature resistance and HV voltage resistance.
6)Using high vacuum impregnation technology is to remove all residual moisture and air, filling Benzyl toluene impregnation (France C101) with good low temperature resistance.
7)Can withstand transient heavy current and HV impulse and without capacitance loss.
8)Having characteristic of Anti-explosion, good heat dissipation performance and excellent low temperature resistance. Meanwhile beautiful shape, little volume, light weight, long life and easy installation etc.

Service Conditions.

(1) Ambient temperature:-40℃~+85℃.
(2) 5.2 Relative humidity:≤75%.

Major Technical Index

1) Voltage range: 0.5kV AC-50kV AC
2) Capacitance range: 0.05~50µF
3) Capacitance tolerance: ±5%,±10%
4) Loss angle tangent in 1kHz (tanδ): ≤0.0009
5) Insulating resistance value between terminals: if C≤1µF R≥1000MΩ;If C>1µF RC≥1000S
6) Test voltage between terminals: dielectric between terminals should bear DC test voltage in table 1.last 1min.

Test Voltage


Test Voltage


Test voltage

Impulse Withstand Voltage Capacitor


Impulse current capacitor


Impulse voltage capacitor


Oscillation circuit capacitor

DC HV Capacitor

Continuous impulse capacitor


Rectifying filtering capacitor

Remark: UN is rated voltage of capacitor.

7) Sealing test: No leakage in 8 hours at constant 85℃±5℃.
8) Discharging test between terminals: Under the rated voltage, it could bear 100000 times DC electrode charging and discharging, without capacitance loss.

Service Conditions

1) Ambient temperature:-40℃~+85℃
2) 5.2 Relative humidity:≤75%