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HV Shunt Capacitor

HV Shunt Capacitor
HV Shunt Capacitor
Product Code : HSC-07
Brand Name : Xi'an Huachao
Product Description

Application & Standard

  • Suitable for frequency 50Hz/60Hz power system, improving the power factor with parallel capacitors. It is mainly used to improve the power factor of AC  power system, reducing line losses and improving the quality of the network terminal voltage,increasing the transformer’s active output.
  • Suitable for Substation, railway, steel Factory, metallurgy, chemical and mineral industry.
  • Following Standard: IEC60871-1 & IS Standard or other related IEC standard

Product Characteristic

● Stainless steel housing package,scientific and reasonable way-out
● Non-self healing type
●  Adopting thick polypropylene film and mono benzyl-toluene as dielectric
●  Adopting special aluminum foil as electrode and non-inductive winding method
● Flat elements with inside even field intensity, ensuring excellent performance and long lifetime
● Adopting high vacuum dry-impregnation technology to remove all residual water and air, and filling Bibenzyl or Benzyl toluene
● Can withstand large over current, and less loss
●  With good low-temperature-resistance performance
● With internal discharge resistor of glass glaze, discharge residual voltage from Un until less than 50V within ten minutes after disconnection

Service Conditions

1)Altitude ≤2000m; Ambient temperature -40℃ – +55℃,-25℃ -+45℃
2)More than altitude 2000m will be special products available from us
3)Outdoor or Indoor
4)Installation site should not have violent vibration and impact
Major Technical Index
1) Available Normal Rated Voltage
Single Phase capacitor: 6.35kV, 6.6/√3kV, 7.2/√3kV, 11/√3kV, 12/√3kV, 11kV, 12kV, 12.7kV, 24kV, selectable
 Three Phase Capacitor: 11kV – 166.6kV  (customer can select rated voltage in this change)
  (Any special requirement in rated voltage also available)
2)  Rated Capacitance: 50kVar, 100kVar, 150kVar, 200kVar, 250kVar, 300kVar, 334kVar, 400kVar, 450kVar, 500kVar
    (Also special requirement in rated capacitance available)
3)  Applicable system frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz
4) Capacitance tolerance:  -3% ~+5%
5)  Loss angle TanФ under Un: <0.0003
6) Running time under over voltage
– 12 hours out of every 24 hours under 1.1times of Un
– 30minutes out of every 24 hours under 1.15 times of Un
7) Can continuously work under stable over current namely 1.3 times of In, also maximum
allowable over current is 1.43 time of In.